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Q: I don’t own a heart rate monitor or a power meter. Can you still train me?

A:  Absolutely! If you own these devices that’s great, however they are not necessary. I have coached athletes without these devices to podium finishes using the Borg RPE scale (Rate of Perceived Exertion). I want the mind and body to connect. This is a lost art in training and racing and these devices can sometimes hinder that connection.

Q: I would love to train for a triathlon or a half marathon but have limited time in my schedule with work and family. Can your training plan work for me?

A: Before we set up a training plan it’s important for us to sit down with our clients and evaluate the current balance of your life and where a training plan would fit in if at all. Many coaching programs will feed you a training plan without considering it’s impact on your personal life. This can lead to injury or additional life stress. Our goal at Soul Driven Coaching is to understand our clients goals and counsel them on the best approach to achieve those goals, taking in to consideration work, marriage, family, and friends. It is our belief that when a training plan is implemented taking all of these life considerations in to account, that our clients can meet their athletic goals as well as enhance all areas of their personal life.

Q: I would love to train with Soul Driven Coaching! How do I start?

A: E-mail us to schedule an evaluation and goal setting meeting that will take 1 to 2 hours. We like to meet  with our clients in person whenever possible however Zoom is a great option as well. There is absolutely no cost for this meeting. Our goal is to assess where you are at currently  from a fitness stand point as well as gain an understanding of your current life season. We want to form a partnership that sees you meeting your goals as well as enriching your life.